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weasleyvevo sent: HII!!! Where are your graphic designs?

click on links on the side. <3

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fornicaxon sent: HI HAILES <3

Heeeey. ;D

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About me

✧ Hailey. Fifteen. Sarcastic. Independent. Hopeless Romantic. ✧ 

This is pretty much random. I'll just go down the list.

✧I enjoy any type of music. But I just hate rap.

✧Coca-cola and Pepsi are my favorite soft drinks.

✧I have a slight obsession with cheese.

✧I like to cook; more specifically bake. Stuff like, Lasagna, Cake, etc.

✧I'm Claustrophobic.

✧My interest for graphic designing is only because of my graphic editing
courses at school.

✧I don't like to give out my personal information (with the exception of my
name and age) online. I don't know who you are, so it's better to be safe
then sorry.

✧YouTube, Wattpad, and Facebook are my life.

That's all for now! :]

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